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  Thank you for visiting The Ishmael Beah Foundation (IBF). I want to  extend my tremendous gratitude to all those who have contributed financially or otherwise and those who have shown interest in the work of the foundation. Without your contributions and spreading word about us, we will not be able to do what we have done thus far. I hope that you will continue to support our work.

   The foundation was created on the belief that providing opportunities, educational and vocational, for children and youth who have come from conflict or any other suffering, can prevent them from re-entering a life of violence and enhance their capacities to become positive acting members of their societies. Opportunities strengthen young peoples’ resilience to discover and use their talents and lives meaningfully and for the betterment of not only themselves but also of their communities and nations. And with this comes a genuine understanding that their humanity is as worthy as anyone else anywhere and therefore valuable. Read more

Application Essay of Pascal Masuba


     My name is Pascal Masuba and I was given birth to in Bo on the 13th may 1990. At the age of six, I was staying with my parents in Senehun when all of a sudden we were attacked by rebels. Since I was small by then I could not remember much. All I could remember was that I was taken away by the rebels to a far away place where I had to live in a harsh way. I would wake up early in the morning, dress up in some military uniform and follow them in queues to villages far off. I had to carry heavy load to distant places and sometimes even sleep without food. This continued for more than three months during which I just kept thinking about my family. At one point in time, we had to attack a village where there were so many civil militias (Kamajors) and in the process lost two of our members. Since I was tiny in size, I could easily hide in quiet places and wait there till all was well and then continue with them. As time went past, I started realising that I could do something to escape and I was well prepared for this adventure. Early one evening, our leader (a man muscularly built as that of giants) ordered us to get prepared to attack Mofombo, a village not far off from where we were camped.  Just as our leader mentioned the name of the village, I knew it was my time to escape as Mofombo is a village I know very well and to some extent even have some family there.  Read more


About The Ishmael Beah Foundation (IBF)

The Ishmael Beah Foundation (IBF) is a private, independent institution dedicated to helping children and youth affected by war reintegrate into society and improve their lives. The Foundation aims at creating and financing educational and vocational opportunities for children and youth who have been affected by war, so that they can be empowered to choose a life free of conflict.

The Foundation will achieve its goals through providing tuition, granting scholarships, creating literary and study corners that will be open to children and youth, as a way of engaging them and providing them with a safe place to take charge of their lives.

Interview with Namsa Thoronka, IBF Grantee and 2nd Year College student in Sierra Leone

Tigi Dankay Barrie, Army Junior Secondary School (JSS3), Freetown,Western Area

Mohamed M.Turay, MCA Secondary School Makeni, Northern Region

Hawa Jusu, Jiama Bongor Secondary School (JSS2), Southern Region

A few photos of grantees for 2009/10 Academic year

Cornelia Davies, Vocational Technical Training, Emibex College, Freetown, Western Area

Mohamed S. Kamara, Vocational Technical Training, MMCET, Freetown

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Video of Pascal Masuba, our top 2009 academic scholarship grantee. Read part of his essay below and fully in our projects section.

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